Only when we are able to authentically express who we are in all areas of our life can we experience true wellbeing

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The Resilient Woman


The Resilient Woman is a  3 month coaching programme for women who are unsure what's next for them, but know they can be more and achieve more in life, and are ready to take action to create lifestyle changes. 

Have you gone through a life changing event such as becoming a mum, been made redundant from your job, are considering retirement, or maybe the kids have grown up and left home and you wonder what's next?


  Maybe you're in a job that no longer fulfils you and doesn't make the most of your skills and passion. So you feel like you've lost your direction and sense of identity and want to rediscover who you are and what's important to you.


Are you stressed and burnt-out and have reached the point where enough is enough and you want to create lasting lifestyle changes for your wellbeing? 

Through the online coaching programme I provide protected space for you to develop clarity and resilience to move forward.


Your Wellbeing Dept is the Wellbeing Consultancy arm of Metanoia Lifestyle, where I partner with small business owners to help them cultivate a culture of wellbeing in their business. 

Do you employ around 10 - 100 staff and have got to the stage where you want to implement a HR strategy that integrates employee wellbeing to enable continued business growth?


 Do you already have a HR strategy in place but want to understand how you can best incorporate employee wellbeing to suit your employee and business needs?

With an understanding of your business we would work together on an project or monthly retainer basis, to focus on wellbeing solutions that meet your unique business needs.  This could include: mental health training, conducting a wellbeing audit, employee wellbeing coaching, developing HR policies and processes, running employee surveys/consultation or focus groups etc.

Wellbeing is not about ticking boxes but ensuring you have a clear strategy that shows you value your employees by creating the right workplace culture that enables them to contribute fully by making the most of their unique and diverse talents.



Ad hoc or retainer consultancy with a proactive  approach to support business owners to grow their business through investing in their people by cultivating their wellbeing


On a mission to enable authentic wellbeing by educating, inspiring and guiding individuals to create lifestyle changes and businesses to cultivate psychologically safe work environments so employees can feel able to bring their whole selves to work.

  • Demonstrating the true value of HR as a culture facilitator that champions employee wellbeing as the foundation to business resilience, innovation and success.

  • Empowering individuals to rediscover their inner resilience and wellbeing to create a fulfilling lifestyle that supports their unique skills, strengths and passions.

  • Promoting positive mental wellbeing by raising awareness of resources and campaigns that support mental wellbeing and remove the stigmas around mental ill health issues.

Wandering Traveler


Driving the people first agenda in business and highlighting any practices which would undermine psychological safety at work.

Challenging the status quo of 'outside in' thinking by showing people how to create a life from the 'inside out'.


Honouring commitments to clients, maintaining confidentiality and having honest conversations to challenge people to act with integrity, and take personal responsibility for creating meaningful change.


Guiding clients to be open to new ways of thinking and working to discover and embrace what authenticity looks like for them in their life/business.

Empowering clients to develop long term strategies that ensure they stay committed to authentic wellbeing.  



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