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Wellbeing Coach & Consultant

Authentic wellbeing is at the heart of everything I do, as when we feel able to fully express who we are in all areas of our life, we intentionally create a fulfilling life experience and wellness.



Here's what's important to me in living an authentic lifestyle



I'm married with two grown up sons who are creating plans to leave home and forge a life of their own.  So I'm creating a lifestyle that incorporates doing work I love to provide more flexibility and freedom for my family.  In the process being a role model to show my son's what's possible in life if they follow their unique strengths and passions.


I was fortunate to travel a lot as a child and this has given me a thirst for more travelling!  I love to explore new places and cultures and have lived in the Middle East, visited America where my brother now lives and travelled around the Mediterranean with my family. 

On my list of places to visit are the Greek Islands, Bali, Australia, New Zealand, plus New York and New England in America.  


I have always had a strong desire to make a difference and this has been evident throughout my career.  With over 12 years in HR, and most of my roles being newly created, requiring me to assess what was needed in a business so I could add the most value.
I get a real sense of achievement when I know I've made a positive difference.  So my coaching training has really enabled me to fulfil this desire further, as seeing clients get results lights this passion within me.


They say if you don't prioritise your health then your health will make it a priority, and I know from experiencing burnout how true this is.  So I developed healthy daily habits to ensure I now prioritise my health. Particularly my mental health by developing a resilient mindset, which for me is the foundation for physical health.
I now have daily habits that support my wellbeing and have developed my self awareness.


My qualifications & experience


  • Over 12 years HR experience within private manufacturing and public not for profit SME's 

  • CIPD Level 3 in Human Resources

  • CIPD Level 5 in Employment Law

  • Implemented the Investors in People framework in two organisations to achieve successful accreditation

  • Set up and ran HR functions

  • Developed HR strategies that led to cultural change and increased employee engagement


  • Qualified as an NLP Coach in May 2019

  • Certified as a Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy Practitioner in May 2019

  • EDM Practitioner 2021

  • Coached managers in people management and development throughout my HR career

  • Coached women to make positive changes to their lifestyle and re-evaluate their career 


  • Mental Health Practitioner Diploma

  • Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Mental Health First Aid & Mental Health Advocacy in the Workplace

  • IOSH Managing Safely 

  • Implemented the Workplace Wellbeing Charter framework for successful accreditation

  • Implemented wellbeing strategies that reduced employee absence and increased employee wellbeing



I would not hesitate to recommend Clare and her coaching skills to anyone who feels a little lost, and in need of help to find their direction and passion again.

I can confidently say that I wouldn't be where I am now without her - the skills and techniques she taught me have allowed me to flourish this year, despite all the COVID chaos and uncertainty.

I feel calmer, happier and hugely motivated - something I just couldn't envisage when I started the process.  I expected results, but never thought it would be quite so life changing.

Thank you Clare, your kindness, support and passion is something everyone needs in their life!

Alex Beaumont

Clare worked for me when we were implementing Investors in People across ERA back in 2014.  She is a fantastic change practitioner and I was delighted that we were awarded IiP at the first attempt.

She galvanised the organisation and was instrumental in embedding the new ways of working and company values, both of which contributed to the cultural transformation across the business.

Clare was an absolute pleasure to work with.  Conscientious, utterly professional and passionate about her work.  I would have no hesitation in recommending her.

Darren Waters - CEO Tyman UK & Ireland

Clare initiated and managed a fantastic development programme that I had the pleasure of helping to deliver over a couple of years, working with managers at all levels.

Clare's empathy, care for people and skill in communication were outstanding.  She is one of the most professional and pleasant people I have ever worked with and I have no reservation in highly recommending her services.

Nick Howes - LMI UK Leadership Development

Clare is one of the most diligent and professional client contacts that I have encountered within my past and current client base.


She has a passion for organisational development and getting the best out of people whilst remaining unafraid to deal with under-performance and dissonance.


She did a remarkable job in engaging the directors, managers and staff at ERA of varied corporate cultures in developing and valuing their staff to a consistent level. She always presents a professional image of the organisation and always with a smile!

Bob Morrison - Investors in People Specialist


METANOIA (meh-ta-noy-ah)

Just in case you may be wondering how to pronounce Metanoia or wonder what it means! It's Greek for the journey of changing one's mind, heart, self and way of life, which is a perfect message behind the wellbeing solutions I provide for individuals and businesses.



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